Sustainable Sourced

Fisheries and aquaculture play a critical role in supporting food security for the global population both today and into the future. Worldwide, annual seafood production is massive. Global catch within wild capture fisheries has reached over 180 million tons annually. While globally, aquaculture now provides over 50% of the seafood we eat. As of 2021, over 20% of the global population directly depends on seafood as an important source of protein. Though historically, the oceans were seen as a limitless resource, today, we know that humanity has significant impacts on aquatic species and environments.

Choosing Ocean Wise recommended sustainable seafood helps ensure that the global population can continue to enjoy seafood for generations to come.

Look for the Ocean Wise Seafood symbol when purchasing seafood to ensure you’re making the best choice for our oceans. Ocean Wise recommendations cover both farmed and wild seafood options.

Sustainable fishing and aquaculture practices include:

1. Harvest that ensures healthy and resilient stocks/populations
2. Use of effective and adaptive regulations, management, and enforcement
3. Limit negative impacts on habitats, non-target species, and the greater ecosystem

We at Ocean Wise recognise that choosing sustainable seafood can be challenging as the factors that contribute to a seafood’s sustainability are complex. To learn more about what makes a seafood Ocean Wise, visit our Standards. Or to find Ocean Wise seafood view our recommendations or visit our partner map.